Dirtbags MotorClub Wiki

Boxes in Dirtbags MotorClub are acquired throughout play, and can be broken open using various breaker tools in the garage. Boxes, when broken, give car parts and character items, that can be equipped to the player's Vehicle and Dirtbag respectively.

There are 5 levels of box, the higher the level the more difficult to open, and the better the parts inside.

The following is a list of Box TypesDirtbags MotorClub.

List of Box Types[]

Icon Name Level Durability
Breakable box wood icon.png Wood Box 1 15
Breakable box woodchain icon.png Chain Box 2 25
Breakable box metal icon.png Metal Box 3 45
Breakable box metalchain icon.png Chain Metal Box 4 65
Breakable box crystal icon.png Crystal Box 5 100