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Dirtbags MotorClub is a game created and developed by EppyGames.

Description[ | ]

Crash head first into a world of lovable bags-of-dirt fiercely competing in a dangerous motorsport. Created by BoxCorp Industries as racers for their ever expanding sports-media empire, the lowly Dirtbags struggle to survive and win in this brutal pastime.

Assume the role of a newly minted Dirtbag racer boosting to MotorClub glory. While blasting through single player campaigns, tournament leader boards, and multiplayer races, gather equipable parts that alter your vehicles and introduce new and unusual power-ups.

Features[ | ]

  • Assemble Your Racer - Build and upgrade your vehicles with hundreds of unique parts that give powerful weapons and abilities.
  • Power Up - Custom tailor your weapons with special effects. Freeze shock or burn. Fire massive salvos, or a single powerful warhead.
  • Master the Tracks - A perpetually changing library of track offers a constant stream of new features, traps and challenges.

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