Dirtbags MotorClub Wiki

Basic gameplay[ | ]

The core gameplay of Dirtbags MotorClub is focused on racing against AI drivers on increasingly challenging race tracks, using weapons and other power-ups that the player picks up during the race to get ahead.

Once unlocked there are 6 different race "zones" the player can race. each zone has a unique track that changes, becoming more challenging, with better racers and harder obstacles as the player wins races on it, climbing race tiers.

After a race the player's stats are posted to a leaderboard where they compete with other players, earning rewards for their performance over time. With a final large reward at the end of each tournament. At which point the leaderboards are cleared, tracks may be replaced by new ones, and a new tournament starts.

Using the rewards from winning races, climbing to more difficult tiers of tracks, and placing well on the leaderboard, the player can acquire and equip their car with parts that enhance and augment its abilities, give it new weapons, and change its appearance.

Controls[ | ]

Accelerate - Touch steering wheel control.

Steering - Slide finger along steering wheel control.

Boost - Swipe screen with second hand while driving.

Use Weapon/Power-up - Tap screen with second hand.

Tips and tricks[ | ]

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