Dirtbags MotorClub Wiki

Parts in Dirtbags MotorClub are attached to the players car, augmenting the car's stats, giving access to new power-ups and abilities, and changing its appearance. Parts are most commonly found by opening boxes in the garage.

Parts can modify:

  • The Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Boost Charge, and Durability stats of a vehicle
  • The number of boosts a vehicle can stock
  • The Power-Ups acquired from boxes durning a race
  • The power, range, and duration of specific Power-ups
  • The speed and homing of specific projectile weapons
  • The number of uses per Power-up, for multi shot weapons
  • The size of a weapon's explosion
  • The elemental effects of a specific Power-up

Additionally Parts can:

  • Trigger damage, burning, freezing, or shock in an area when certain conditions are met
  • Enhance the vehicles Boost Attack with damage or elemental effect

Part Types[ | ]

Parts are separated into 6 different types. Vehicles have different numbers of slots, and different slot type configurations. Any part can be equipped to any car as long as it has a slot of the same type.

  • Back - Parts that attach to the back of your vehicle, such as spoilers or flags
  • Bumper - Parts that attach to the front of your vehicle such as bumpers or spikes
  • Engine - Parts that attach to the top of you vehicle, such as engines
  • Battery - Internal parts that effect the vehicle’s boost
  • Wheels - Parts that change the vehicles wheels
  • Auxiliary - Internal Parts that primarily determine the weapons the vehicle can use