Dirtbags MotorClub Wiki

At any given time there are 6 unique tracks in Dirtbags MotorClub that can be accessed from the Hubworld. These tracks may change and be replaced each time a new tournament starts.

Tracks in Dirtbags MotorClub are comprised of a set of modular track pieces. As a player win's races on a given track, the race tier will increase. Higher race tiers will generally have different track pieces, adding ramps, traps, shortcuts, etc. to the track's layout.

List of Tracks[ | ]

Image Name Rival In Rotation Description
Backwater Backwater Gert Yes -
Circuit BoxCorp Circuit Gert Yes -
Factory BoxCorp Factory Foreman Yes -
City Dirtsville Baggington Yes -
Polar Polar Circuit Snow Yes -
Desert Desert Circuit Sgt. Soil Yes -